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One of our favourite colour inspiration tools that always have┬áthe best... 

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LOL Colors

Curated color palette inspiration. 

  • 1.7K


Random colour palettes with inspiration in mind to get you going on a project... 

  • 1.6K

Coolors Palettes

Browse latest and trendy color combinations with thousands of pre made┬ácolor... 

  • 1.5K

CSS Gradient

CSS Gradient Generator 

  • 1.4K

Colour Claim

ColorClaim is simple. All I do is collect my favorite color combinations on one... 

  • 1.3K

Colour Thief

Grab the colour palette from an image.Uses Javascript and the canvas tag to... 

  • 1.2K


Beautiful designs and copywriting, every day 

  • 1.1K

Falt UI Color

A simple easy to use flat color palette 

  • 971


Creates interesting color palettes given one color. Palette can be edited. 

  • 913


The super fast color schemes generator! Create, save and share perfect palettes... 

  • 857

Material Colors

Google's Material Design Colors 

  • 836

Gradient Daze

Gesture based gradients never felt so good built by thoughtbot, inc. 

  • 831

Adobe Color CC

Get colours from photos and find your next colour palette easily with this... 

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Resources for creative designers and developers. 

  • 746

Color Farm

Daily handpicked colors from popular Dribbble Shots 

  • 736

  • 629


Browse latest and trendy color combinations. 

  • 562

Background Gradient

WebGradients is a free collection of 180 linear gradients that you can use as... 

  • 545


Egg Shape Background Gradients 

  • 484

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